Vinyl Wrap Dance Floor

Vinyl wrap dance floor is a great way to tie together all of your decors and to complete the overall look of the space.  At Palm Beach Dance Floor, we have a fantastic design team who is passionate about designing your perfect dance floor wrap. Our designers will work with you throughout every stage of the design process to make sure that you love every single detail of your design. We are more than happy to make any changes that you want. Our vinyl wrap dance floors are our most popular item. They allow you to cover up the plain venue floor with a beautiful design. Our dance floor wraps can be done in many different colors. Just let us know what color you have in mind and we will get it for you!

Vinyl wrap dance floor
Vinyl wrap dance floor

Custom Dance Floor Decal

Our team of skilled designers will work with you to create the perfect decal for your dance floor. Whether it be simple writing of your names or a more detailed design, we won’t rest until it is perfect for you!

Vinyl wrap dance floor


There are too many factors that make it impossible to show you a price upfront. Here are a few factors:

1-  The size of the dance floor

2- The type and size of dance floor decal

3- The design of the vinyl dance floor wrap.

To get a quote please tell us exactly what you want. You can check out prices for our regular dance floor, but with vinyl, it’s a lot more because of the cost of the vinyl and the time it takes to install it. Please send us an image of your custom decal if possible, and you can create your dream wedding/event for you.

Vinyl Wrap Dance Floor Quote