Who We Are?

Our Mission

Palm Beach Dance floor  provides quality dance floor rental at affordable prices. We provide a unique, custom modular dance floor that comes in 3.3′ movable panels and allows unlimited size possibilities, with fast, easy assembly for your rental needs. Webert and Natalia Benoit bring a consistant, quality dance floor that stays together. This is both a sprung subfloor and finish floor in one, so you can dance all day long and your feet wouldn’t get tired.

Our Story

I am Webert Benoit, and I am a professional ballroom dancer. My wife and I are the proud owners of Palm Beach Dance Floor as well as Palm Beach Dancing studio.

My wife and I competed at several professional dance competitions all over the country. Every time we competed out of state (Florida), we found that the dance floor was either too slippery or too sticky. To fix the problem, I bought an anti-slip powder for our dance shoes that we put on the soles right before we dance.

One day, while traveling to New York, I got stopped at the security point because of my anti-slip powder, which happened to be white. They thought it was “cocaine”. I was detained for about 30 minutes, and I almost missed my flight that day. I remember this like yesterday. LOL

We noticed that the dance floors at most dance competitions in the state of Florida don’t have any issues comparing to when we traveled out of state. In fact, most organizers in Florida) use the same dance floors from the same company, which had the best quality dance floor we ever danced on.

A few years ago, the owners of the company decided to retire and sold their dance floor business. We were lucky to purchase about 1600 square feet of  dance floor from them.

This is the dance floor we are now using for our dance floor business. I can personally guarantee that it is the best quality dance floor you will ever dance on. We also make it affordable. Please note that our price includes transportation and installation.

Enjoy the best dance floor available in this area.

Palm Beach Dance Floor

Webert and Natalia Benoit

palm beach dance floor

Webert and Natalia Benoit