dance floor rentalIf you have a party or any type of celebration coming up soon, don’t forget to add a dance floor. It’s the best way to ensure all your guests will have lots of fun because music and dancing go together.

Our dance floor is made of pure wood and  is available in all sizes from 10 x 10 square feet to 40 x 40 square feet and all the sizes in between. This dance was used at many ballroom dance competitions for years and is now available to you from Palm Beach Dance Floor. Whether you need a dance floor for your wedding, anniversary, birthday…etc or any type of celebration, you can be sure to count on us.


Our portable dance floor rental is available in many sizes.

10×10 (100 square feet)

10×15 (150 square feet)

15×15 (225 square feet)

15×20 (300 square feet)

20×20 (400 square feet)

20×25 (500 square feet)

20×30 (600 square feet)

25×30 (750 square feet)

30×30 (900 square feet)

25×40 (1000 square feet)

30×40 (1,200 square feet)

40×40 (1,600 square feet)

Please contact our event specialist to help you get the right size for your event.

dance floor rentals
Light Wood Portable Dance Floor
dance floor rentals
Plain White Portable Dance Floor

dance floor rentals
Vinyl Wrap Dance Floor With Monogram
Dance floor rentals
Light Wood Dance Floor With Monogram


We serve all areas in the Palm Beach County within 30 miles of West Palm Beach:

Boynton Beach

Delray Beach


Lake Park

Palm Beach

Palm Beach Gardens

Royal Palm Beach


West Palm Beach

Please let us know if your city is not listed above! Our last rental installation was in Miami Beach.

Our Portable Dance Floor – Birthday Party
Our Portable Dance – Dance Competitions
issa reis
I was invited to a party last week and really enjoyed dancing on this this dance floor. Not sticky nor slippery, just like a dance floor should be.
corry white
Great company to rent your dance floor from! They are prompt and affordable! Will rent again!
Remi Santana
I have to admit that I am biased. The owners of this company are my dance instructors. When I told them about my birthday party, they offered their dance floor services. They provided me with not only the dance floor, but also the DJ and the dance entertainment at a much more affordable prices than three separate companies. I recommend them.
Stephan De Wall
I was invited to a party last week and it was great dancing on a real dance floor. I will definitely hire this company for my personal birthday party coming in a few month.
marc smith
I like going to a party where I can dance and show off my dance skills and this company provided a great dance floor for my friend birthday party! I will definitely hire them for my party coming up soon!
Angela Tomasino
Great dance floor to dance on.
aden cooper
I used their service for my daughter sixteen birthday party and I had no complaints. My daughter had a lot of fun dancing with her friends and her performance was excellent because the dance floor was great according to her. I am not a dancer, but the floor looks good and the service was great.
amelia thomas
My hubby and I used this company for our wedding ceremony because the hotel we got married didn't have a dance floor, which was a surprise for us. I thought every hotel has dance a floor. Luckily, everything went very well and they were able to provide a beautiful dance floor. I highly recommend them.
Nancy Brown
I hired this company for my birthday party, and I am happy with everything. They came early to install the floor and it felt pretty good to dance on it. I would recommend it.