QUOTE #92224

Name: Trinity Fordham

Phone: 561-573-1434


Dance Floor size: 20×20

Dance Floor Color: 20×20 Light wood, with White Vinyl wrap floor wrap and centered with 206×138 cm custom Black monogram floor decal.

Event type: Wedding

Event Date: 9/22/24

Event Address: Delray Beach

Time: 5:30pm-10pm

Price : Dance Floor + Vinyl Wrap + Transportation + Custom Monogram = $2,100

BONUS : $100 (1 FREE DANCE LESSON) for your wedding first dance

Total: $2,100

1st Deposit: $500 (must be paid at booking)

2nd Deposit: $550 (Must be paid at least three months before the event – June 22nd, 2024)

Balance: $1,050 to be paid at least 3 days before the event. 

Full Balance : Total: $2,100

Agreement: The above dance floor will installed between 11a-4pm before the ceremony and removed between 10pm and 12am or in the morning if allowed by venue.

Payment in full completed on _______            Amount _______                        Balance:_________

Customer:_________________                          Palm Beach Dance Floor:____________________